Past Workshop Materials

Home Winterizing and Energy Efficiency

From October 20, 2012
Aileen Glow from Lansing Board of Water and Light presented on improving a home’s energy efficiency and BWL programs that provide cash incentives for residents and businesses to make energy updates. Eastside realtors Jonathan Lum and James Pyle talked about how weatherization and energy efficiency can increase the value of a home.

Make Your Home Healthy and Safe

From July 31, 2012
Sean Huberty, LCC Lead Faculty, shares info on identifying and managing issues like lead paint, mold, and asbestos as you make repairs in your home. Participants brought pictures of problem areas in their homes to learn about how to proceed with safe home repairs.

Wood Window Restoration II

From June 23, 2012
A follow-up to the April Wood Window Restoration workshop with Eastside expert Dave Muylle, with help from Conn Allison and Keton Edwards.

Wood Window Restoration

From April 28, 2012
Conn Allison of Looking Glass Studio is a specialist who works to preserve and restore historic wood windows and hardwood entry ways. He also works with stained glass installations, designing and executing new designs as well as working to preserve and restore older projects. Please join us for an informative workshop and walkthrough focusing on wood window restoration and preservation as we learn great ways to continue preservation and repair work on our Eastside homes.

Energy Efficient Electric Appliances

From March 31, 2012
Electric appliances are such a big part of our life.  Machines like air conditioners and dehumidifiers are important for maintaining a healthy and comfortable home for our families and neighbors.  Other appliances, such as refrigerators, play a vital role in our daily lives.  But, energy costs money, and running inefficient, damaged appliances in the home can end up costing you.  Join us as we feature Sean Huberty, Lead Faculty for LCC’s Alternative Energy Engineering Technology program, for an interesting and fun presentation on energy monitors and energy efficient electric appliances in your home.

Mold, Moisture, and Your Home

From February 23, 2012
Besides casting an unsightly shadow on surfaces in your home, mold can also have an effect on your health.  Allergic reactions, irritated eyes, and asthma episodes are some of the results of mold in the air.  While mold is a common part of the air around us, there are steps you can take to locate, clean, and control the growth of mold in your home.  Thank you to Mike Allen, Environmental Health Specialist at the Ingham County Health Department, for an entertaining and educational look at Mold, Moisture, and Your Home.

Lead Paint Hazards and Fixes

From January 28, 2012
Lead-Based Paint 101 [PDF]

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