1501: History

1501 E Kalamazoo in June, 1967

The house that now sits at 1501 E. Kalamazoo was built in 1922, and was originally given the address 331 Lathrop St. This house was first occupied by Louis and Leah Burgess in 1923, when Louis was employed as a secretary at Rikerd Lumber. It was valued at $15,000. Because of the home’s unique structure, it is very possible that it was custom construction. The Burgess family, along with their daughter, Kathryn, and their maid, Dorothy Mitchell, lived in the house until 1932.

The next residents were Harry Bowerman, an engineer for Consumers Power, and his wife Blanche, a stenographer at an auto factory. The house was vacant in 1937, and in 1938, Abe Kamins and his family moved in. Mr. Kamins was born in Russia, and gained United States citizenship in 1911. Abe and his wife Ella had two children, their daughter Bernice and their son Ernest. Ella’s father, Samuel Kramer, also lived with them for a period of time, as well as Martha Milton, the family’s servant. Abe and Ella both worked in a cloth shop, Abe as the shopkeeper, and Ella the bookkeeper.

1501 E Kalamazoo in Oct. 2010

In 1951, Rolla and Margaret Bollinger moved in. Rolla was a factory worker at Fisher Body. In 1956, Donald Lundy, and his wife Bernita moved in. Betty Fish took ownership of the property in 1964, and Merle Butler, an Olds Factory worker, and his wife Beth moved in the following year, 1965.

In 1968, the house became listed at its current address, however the home was vacant. In 1970, a routeman for Jewell Tea Co., Carl Stinson and his wife Peg moved in. After the Stinsons moved out, the house became a common residence for students through the 1970s and 1980s.

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